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[18 Aug 2006|07:00pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

well..where to start! in the last month.....

1. i got my job...however the cunts that are my current managers have put a stop to me moving! i really hate them for what they have done to me...to stop me moving they have told HR that im under development..which is a load of shit. the only reason why they have said it is because if you are under this so called development( which hasnt been discussed with me might i add) you cant move departments!

2. some fucking twat who drives a green pick up truck reversed into the back of my ickle car while i was stationary. i was reversing out of me parking space saw this huge green truck behind me starting to reverse so i put my breaks on and stop. BUT DOES HE SEE ME AND STOP...NO HE FUCKING DOESNT AND HITS ME! i need a new boot and maybe a new bumper! its gonna cost me at about £400 because the twat of a bint how was in his truck as a passenger mouths at me, blaming me so i dont think ill win my claim...i think it'll go 50/50. How fucked up is that? i have to pay for my car to be repaired when it wasnt even my fault AND he doesnt even have 1 scratch on his truck...NOTHING!

3. My clever wife got her BT job...isnt she clever? its in sheffield though...so if she can put up with me we will hopefully be moving in a year or so.

4. Jack has cost me roughly about £400 in vet bills. Bloody animal. im angry but on the other hand he needed his ops so i dont mind if it means he doesnt have to keep going to the vets. ive put a claim in..and hopefully ill get it back, knowing my luck i wont. he ripped his dew claw again, so he had both removed, the day after he pulled all his stitches out, leaving an open wound (showing bone, how lovely) so at 9:30 i was drivng with Kirsty to notts to take him to the emergency vets to get knocked out again to be stitched up and bandaged. if the fucking vet had put a bandage on him the first time i wouldnt have had to pay anouther £262! hes not the nicest of dogs at the vets either, so they dont even like treating him!

ummm... that is all i think


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[22 Jun 2006|07:33pm]
[ mood | bored ]

im unsure why im actaully typing anything on this, maybe its because im bored? maybe its because im a gay? either way prepair to be bored by my post.

so...since my last post ive seen Scarling. more times than i can count...which might i add has been fooking fantastic. i miss getting drunk with those guys so much...role on july!
i have been offically gay tagged by Rickey...and im also a "gold star lesbian" yay me!

in other news ive managed to keep hold of my lovely Kirsty for over 6months now...am i proud? yes i am! i love her SOO much, the crazy kind of love wheer you miss them as soon as you arent with them. brign on another 6months, thats what i say!

erm...i really dont have anything else to say...my life doesnt change that much for me to update constantly.

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i wanna grab you by the arms and kiss you...so hard! [04 Apr 2006|12:00am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

4months!!! since Kirsty asked me out:) im really happy with her, as you all might be able to tell! Theres nothing i dont like about her, she doesnt annoy me in the slightest. we get on SO well and always have a great time together. She means everything to me, i don't know what id do without her. i wouldnt wanna be alive without her! She completes me and makes me feel SO loved just by looking at me!

i love you Kirsty

im looking forward to the future:)

in other news i cant wait til Scarling. myself and the sibling are going to see them in quite a few places. im looking forward to the Nottingham show cus of my birthday...and also the Manchester show cus i get to see Angel and Philip again!

PLACEBO ON SUNDAY! i best not get lost again!


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when he sleeps i hope hes ok [27 Mar 2006|11:18pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

i HATE Birmingham...and the AA!!


ahem, just had to get that out!


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weeping wounds that never heal [14 Mar 2006|12:04am]
[ mood | awake ]

i HATE my phone!!! my txts don't come through properly, they take hours to come through:(


Placebo promo night MY ASS!!! although the night was really good, got very drunk and did lots of sexy dancing with Kirsty:) aww bless her, she drank a bit too much and crossed the line. for once it wasnt me!

Things at work look like they will be getting a lot worse before they get better, which sucks. Carloine is gonna do my review soon, and we are writting a key coworker "contract" for me, so my job status is down on paper and i have proof of what my role is. we have a department meeting soon and i have to talk to the "bedrooms crew" i don't do talking to groups.

May is going to be FAN FUCKIN TASTIC!!! SCARLING. SCARLING. SCARLING. i'm looking forward to my birthday, 5th May people, put it in ur planners! goING go for drinks on the 5th, every1 is welcome *hints* hopefully if Scarling. confirm, going go see them on the 6th! ewww i'm gonna be 20, how sick is that? time to grow up:(

i must start saving for moving out, i have nothing saved and i really want to get away which requires lots of money! id love to live with Kirsty, she makes me feel so safe when i'm with her and i'm always happy when im with her! probably just scared you huh?!

i'm having a huge Pretty Girls Make Graves moment! i can't stop listening to them.

im cold, and bored!


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cus hyprocrite to me spells C U N T [06 Mar 2006|11:32pm]
[ mood | bored ]

i just wanted to say HA SHAME to a certain person, who will remain nameless for legal reasons!

Kirsty said some really sweet things to me last night which made me feel a lot better about myself. Thank you for making me SO happy *sends kisses*

i can't wait to see Placebo again, its going to be fantastic:) just a shame gay jamie can't go!

i really have nothing interesting to say, so on that note ill leave it at that.


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yes i would if i could [05 Mar 2006|11:23pm]
[ mood | blank ]

could the internet be any more dull?

good english yes!

weekend was good, went out for Carolines birthday...she was buurrrlladered! *insert mental image of Helen giving scuzzy man a dirty look as he tries 2 steal her chips*

im bored..and alone:(


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i guess that you saw what nobody else could see [25 Feb 2006|05:11pm]
[ mood | sad ]

ok so the updates rarely happen on this thing....gutted!

first: Valentines day

the monday Kisrty had a car crash, it really scared me, i don't know what i would do without her. she completes me! i'm SO glad nothing worse happened, shes still in pain though:( i went round after work, and hugged and kissed her lots. woke up and she gave me a perfect rose, shes so sweet! drove her to the doctors, she got smarties...i mean painkillers. spent the rest of the day with her, we feel asleep in front of the fire, it was really nice:)

This week: Holiday

met Helga, Dykeface and Rasty at the pub on friday night, didnt stay long. stayed at Kirstys as we were going on holiday in the morning. 4am is not a time i recognise *shakes* we fell asleep cuddled up on the way down to St Ives. It was the best week, best holiday ive ever had. spent everyday falling asleep and waking up with my Kirsty, im at a loss now im on my own..i dunno how im gonna cope not spending every moment with her, i miss her already and its only been a few hours:( we went to the Tate on Thursday, i am now at one with "art" i banged my head on the first night we were there, got myself a lovely yellow bruise! Kirsty looked after me while we were there, she made me brekie every morning...shes so good for me! we had lots of talks which made me feel even more loved by her *grins like a fool*

its really pretty in St Ives, i wish we were still there:( i did miss Jack though, hes been really clingy since i got back. the week went SO fast, im in a bad mood now.

thats it for now

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go...leave me! [06 Feb 2006|11:24pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

i feel really low today:( i dont really know why!

im SICK of my headaches...its been like 4years now and im still getting them every fucking day. they get me really down, which in turn make them worse:( damn the cycle!

maybe im broken?

its valentines day soon, i dont really know what my opinion is on that. its like, its meant to be a day where you show some1 how much you love them but companies see it as a money making sham. people fall for it, they try and spend as much money as possible on gifts, YOU CANT BUY LOVE! sure every1 loves getting presents, but why go over the top? (thats what birthdays and christmas are for)

end rant

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feeding my loneliness! [02 Feb 2006|08:02pm]
[ mood | awake ]

it has come to this

i will no longer be taking in the addictiveness of Marlboro Lights, thats right ive given up smoking....every1 GASP!

i thought it was about time i stopped hurting my lungs. im poorly enough as it is without adding death by smokin to my list!

I'm going on holiday soon...im very excited and slightly scared! twill be cool me thinks!

PLACEBO 9TH APRIL - BIRMIGNHAM ACADEMY! tickets went on sale this morning, i bought 3!

well thats it

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Random [25 Jan 2006|11:51pm]
[ mood | undecided ]

How good is desperate housewives? i mean really?!!! its just SO funny!

Placebo's new album is fantastic

Work is crap

Money situation is bad

My head still hurts me

Pills don't help

It worries me slightly, but not enough to care

Scarling. should tour again

The Action Design sound very promising

Kirsty is the best thing in my life

I love my friends

I don't see my friends nearly enough

I miss Sibby

A lot of the time my life is dull

Certain people piss me off to the extreme

I have no idea why im typing this!

I'm going for a walk to clear my head


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